Ownership of NFA Weapons: Corporations

This type of ownership is easier because there are no fingerprints to be taken and no photographs required. This form of ownership is usually quicker but has disadvantages as well. In the event an applicant could not get the required chief law enforcement signature, many people formed corporations or other types of business entities to take ownership. Don’t do that if your only purpose is to purchase an NFA firearm! However, if you currently have a corporation or LLC and wish to go this route that is fine. Instead of having your name appear on the registration papers the name of your business entity appears as the registered owner. If you are an officer or director of a corporation or manage an LLC the firearm is simply registered to the company. The negative side of business ownership is having to keep the business active as long as NFA firearms are owned by the company. If you sell the company the firearms go with the company to the new owner. Florida has an annual business registration fee of $150. Therefore, starting a legal business entity strictly for purchasing NFA firearms is economically foolish. However, if you have an existing business and intend on keeping it for years placing ownership of the firearm with the company is fine. One advantage of this is that any officer or director of the company may possess the firearm. Don’t get any foolish ideas though. If an officer or director of the company is prohibited from firearms ownership it is a crime for them to possess any firearm…even one belonging to the company! If you cannot get a signature for registration in your name and do not have a legal business entity to register the firearm…don’t worry! We have one more legal method for you to purchase them.

Advantages of Corporate and LLC Ownership:







Disadvantages of Corporate and LLC Ownership:







IMPORTANT: We do not provide legal advice. For information on registration and transfers to an entity such as a Corporation, L.L.C., or Revocable Trust etc, please contact us. We can refer you to an appropriate, competent attorney to assist you with your particular needs.

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