Ownership of NFA Weapons: Revocable Trust

Trust registration has become one of the most popular forms of NFA ownership. Benefits include no fingerprint cards, no photographs, quicker application processing, multiple trustees may legally possess the firearms, and upon death the firearms are transferred to beneficiaries of your choice. One benefit of a trust over a business entity registration is trusts generally do not have an annual renewal or fees associated with them. In the State of Florida, for example, there is no recording of a trust nor are there any fees required. This offers more privacy than a business entity which is public record. If you want to get a trust consult an attorney for guidence.

Advantages of a Revocable Trust:







Disadvantages of a Revocable Trust:







IMPORTANT: We do not provide legal advice. For information on registration and transfers to an entity such as a Corporation, L.L.C., or Revocable Trust etc, please contact us. We can refer you to an appropriate, competent attorney to assist you with your particular needs.

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