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FrogLube - 4/8oz Kit
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FrogLube - 4/8oz Kit
FrogLube™  is a bio-based cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP) product.
FrogLube™  is a cutting edge biodegradable lubricant made from “food-grade” ingredients produced in the USA using a proprietary formula.   It is a non-toxic substance that dissolves carbon, grease and sludge on contact.  It has a heavy specific gravity which allows it to “season” the metal by absorption deep into the pores and results in a durable slippery surface that reduces friction. Metal, plastic, urethan, nylon or other durable surfaced treated with FrogLube™  are rejuvenated, perserved and will give extended years of service. FrogLube™  will not harm the environment. It can be disposed of without the need of HAZMAT controls. If used in the workplace, employees will be protected from the affects of other toxic chemicals. Includes: 4 ounce Liquid, Bottle, Non-Toxic. 8 ounce Paste, Tub, Non-Toxic. Microfiber Cloth. Applicaton Brush.
Pleasant Mint Smell, biodegradable, Food-Grade Ingredients
Eats Rust, Dissolves Carbon, Allows Seasoning into Metal
New Cutting Egde, Wipes out the competition, IT JUST WORKS!
4 ounce Liquid, Bottle, Non-Toxic. 8 ounce Paste, Tub, Non-Toxic. Microfiber Cloth. Applicaton Brush.

How does FrogLube™ work?

When a weapon is fired, carbon, lead, copper, brass and other fouling particles are produced. FrogLube™ is a heavy specific gravity food grade substance that creeps deep into the pores of the metal and acts as if to "season" the surface of the bore, any friction points and all areas treated with the lube. Once treated, fouling particles can no longer bond with metal surfaces, instead, they will be suspended in a detached state and easily wiped or brushed from the surface. This also applies to other loose fouling particles such as dirt, dust and sand.

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